Blender Crash on Startup (linux)

LinuxLite (ubuntu based distro)
I’ve had the best experiance with linux on this distro for this machine I’m using, everything works perfectly except… BLENDER?!

I haven’t had any problems with Blender on any other distro working “out of the box” until now. And this is my MAIN machine right now. My other PC just died.

So I need some help…

Blender launches, I get the “grey” screen and then BAM, back to the desktop. No error messages. Nothing…
I’m new to linux so I have no idea what to do.

What gives?

Hi, first is to start blender from a terminal to get more info with ./blender -d in the blender folder.
Blender need some libs not regular installed in a linux system, try to install the distro version of blender to get these libs but use blender from Allways take the zip version of blender.

Cheers, mib.