Blender crash on startup

I can’t find any specific forum for problems so i put it here.
What you think i feel when first thing i experience after
downloading this program is crash?
Like really? Guys?
You gotta be kidding me.

Two things:

  1. bugs should be reported to
  2. what is up with the attitude?

Edit: 30 seconds with google shows that this is a windows bug

Blender would have to bundle or statically link the MSVC runtime (msvcrt.dll),

if I recall correctly there is some very annoying legal reason that means Blender can’t include the MSVC runtime.

However I can’t find much info about when you can/can’t bundle this DLL.

Also see:

Possibly soon when Windows XP is dropped this problem will go away, though I’m not sure of which windows versions have this issue.

If you’re just venting or having a tantrum that’s fine (not really). Otherwise I’m not sure how much help you expect when you have given us absolutely no info about what kind of system you are trying to run this on and what version of Blender you downloaded or where you downloaded it from etc. Are you running XP? Which service pack? What machine? How much RAM? What version of VC ++ are you running - that’s in the control panel about adding and removing programs. I have seen this message when that VC++ is out of date. The year should be in the name, like 2005, 2008 etc. Chances are if you are running XP you don’t have a very current one. They can be downloaded from MS. Usually.

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