Blender crash - Random GPU crash in nvoglv64

Hey everyone. I hope you can help me a little bit. I made a ticket in the developer site but they couldn’t help me…

So recently Blender started to crash after a few seconds I do something. Mostly crashes in Eevee preview, even if I just mess around with the default cube only. Every time when this happens my GPU peaks to 100% usage and crash immediately.

Operating system: Windows 10 2004 64bit
Graphics card: Gigabyte RTX2060

Tried to:
reinstall Blender
install a 2019 ver. of Blender
install beta 2.90
update nvidia driver
reinstalled windows completely, only used the original windows provided nvidia driver

Help, please.

Could it be that new “hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling” feature in windows that was introduced?

It could be, thank you. I’m sick of windows, srsly… I’ll check this out.

I’m not sure if I successfully repaired it or not, but Blender is working for now. Had to change the TdrDelay in regedit.