Blender Crash - Selecting Subsurfaced Models

Greetings All

I’ve been running into an annoying crash to desktop for a while now after moving over to blender 2.68. As the title says, whenever in blender 2.68, I select an object with a subsurface modifier active, blender crashes to the desktop, no errors, just an exit to the desktop.

This started happening after moving to blender 2.68, and since then, this crash has been happening at random intervals and all of it is connected to selecting objects with a subsurf modifier active in the viewport, I’ve since formatted my computer, but still the problem persists.

Any advice on maybe how to stop this from happening as it becomes a thorn in one’s side if it is a constant exit to desktop while busy working.


Technical Information

OS: Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate
Version: Blender 2.68a
CPU: +5600 AMD
RAM: 4gb DDR 2 800mhz
Graphics: HD 4870 512mb

In case you ran into a bug that has been fixed since, try a more recent version of Blender from the buildbot :

If it’s still happening, does it happen on the default Cube if you add a Subsurface modifier ?
If not, it’s then specific to a model, can you upload the blend file so someone give a look to see if it crashes for him too ?

Hi Sanctuary

It pretty much happens on any objects, this morning it happen about 6 times in a row with 3 different files, I usually don’t go any higher than a level 2 subsurf, and usually I only have the one object active and viewable in my viewport.

Will check out the latest build version of 2.68 and let you know.