blender crash unknown 64-bit kubuntu

Blender crashes even when there is ample memory and the laptop is better than the recommended specs on blender website.
Here are my Laptop details:
HP DV7Z AMD Turion 2.1 GHZ X2 Dual Core. 5Gb RAM
ATI Radeon 3200 Graphics display
kubuntu latest version.

Blender slows down considerably when modelling with lots of polys, softbody, smoke, etc I don’t know what’s wrong.
I am using the latest blender from svn version 2.62.3 r45491 running on 64bit kubuntu
does anyone have any suggestions?

someone installed this for me, so can you tell me how to confirm if i have 64bit blender?
On one of the forums, I also read that 32 bit version of blender works faster on 64 bit OS, is that possible ? if yes how to go about it?

the specs of that system are pretty low for wanting to do that sort of thing…
that cpu and graphic card are weak
(that system would be “ok” for doing low-poly modeling and things like that)
if you want to do more, you really need more power.(at least a Quad-Core,
and A real Video card(preferable Nvidia With CUDA) NOT a cheap onboard video card with Shared video memory)

thanks for the reply!
I also had the same thought but blender site says 2 GHZ Dual Core CPU with 2 GB RAM with open GL Graphics Card is a Good specs for Hardware.
I thought my laptop is comparable :frowning:
is there any way out other than buying a new laptop?

Thank you very much,
I’m still whether I have actually put enough strain on blender to make it crash.
In the most cpu intensive project i have is 13713 verts, a soft body sim, blender render, and a wind.
People have closer to 625,000 verts and blender doesn’t crash even with cpu intensive cycles render.
why is this?
Thanks again,


“I don’t know what’s wrong”.
No one knows. This is why you should use official versions if you are not willing to be the test monkey for developers. We need them both, though.

Official versions are always more stable and bug free than any ‘latest svn’. Download the Linux x86-64 (that’s the 64-bit version) from here:

You can install it to your home folder.

  • “A 32-bit computer has a word size of 32 bits, this limits the memory theoretically to 4GB. This barrier has been extended through the use of ‘Physical Address Extension’ (or PAE) which increases the limit to 64GB although the memory access above 4GB will be slightly slower.”

  • “f you are doing heavy work where you have started to hit the 4GB memory barrier, then 64-bit is for you. Certain intensive tasks such as encoding video or audio also run significantly faster on 64-bit operating systems (NOTE: this is implementation specific).”

  • “Unless you have specific reasons to choose 32-bit, we recommend 64-bit to utilise the full capacity of your hardware.”

So, there is not much sense to use 32-bit Blender in 64-bit (K)ubuntu.

In response to the first part I know its not because its a testing version even with non-testing version there is still this problem. I used blender on Windows 7 Ultimate the same laptop. I still had this exact same problem. Again even with testing versions people use them fine. Besides I haven’t had any new bugs, I love Bmesh. So, in conclusion, I don’t think its a testing building problem.

Thanks for clarifying the other part up.