Blender crash while rendering when switching tiles

Hello, everyone!

I have a problem while rendering using CPU with Cycles.
The problem is: the initial tiles render completely (until reaching the set number of samples) and then when it would be time to switch to new tiles, Blender disappears. No error, no nothing. It happens every time I try to render something a bit more complex, like an interior. However, they are not high fidelity, using very high-resolution textures or anything. They are simple scenes (I’ve attached one of them).
I could just render using GPU, but I don’t have a high end one (it’s gtx 760), and my CPU is almost as fast (Ryzen 1700X) and I would prefer using CPU since I have a lot more RAM than vRAM.

Any ideas on why that might happen?

Thanks in advance.


It’s impossible to say without more information, but it seems your system might be running out of memory.

Tell us the system specs, check how much memory the render is using, does it render with GPU but not CPU?
Try to recover an error message, provide a .blend file that reproduces the issue.

We can’t tell what is happening during the render by looking at a picture. :slight_smile:

Hi! Thank you for your response.
I know the picture doesn’t tell you much, it was attached just for reference, to see that it’s not a complex scene and running out of memory is unlikely (at least that’s what I think). And yeah, it renders fine on GPU, which has 2 GB vRAM and some of that is eaten by windows, so probably more like 1,2GB available. I am new to Blender, so I am not exactly sure how to recover an error message, but I’ll look it up.
My system specs:
Ryzen 1700X CPU, 16 GB Ram Corsair Vengeance LPX 2133 Mhz, Nvidia GTX 760 2 GB.

Here’s a link to the .blend file!ZagSHDgL!PfHZvvgqKR8GyH-1rBPqgSSeFwR6OOxhWXRCbu4ktPM

Something else I forgot to mention is that it only happens when using tiles.
If I render progressively, it works. But I can’t use the denoiser then…

I tried to reply yesterday and it didn’t work.
I am going to reiterate what I said there.

First of all, thanks for your reply.
I know the image doesn’t tell you much. I posted it in order for people to see it’s not a complex scene and memory usage shouldn’t be high.
It renders fine on my gtx 760, which has 2 GB vRam and half of it is eaten by windows, so… I don’t think RAM is the problem, or at least not the RAM amount. Also, it renders fine on CPU if I use progressive render (no tiles), but then I cannot use the Denoiser.
I am new to Blender, I am not sure how to recover error messages. I will look it up.
It happens with most scenes and it’s getting frustrating, I would love to benefit from the CPU power.

I’m not able to reproduce a crash here. It moves on to other tiles as expected.

Does this happen with all files, or just this one? If only this one then try reducing the file to just the objects that cause the crash.
Try testing with the official 2.79 from if you are using any other build.

Blender 2.79
Ubuntu 16.04
Intel 4930K and 32GB RAM