Blender crash with Cloth simulation

I’m trying to simulate a cloth with 1 collision object and blender always crash.
The console give me this:

“Malloc returns null: len=3210640384 in collision array, total 1315466108
Segmentation fault”

I know this is some issues with the memory, but what that means exactly?

The problem is not with the simulation itself. When I turn off the collision modifier in the colllision object, the simulation goes fine (the cloth pass trough the collision object), but when I add the collision modifier and bake the sim blender crash.

What can I do to solve this problem.

My system:
AMD Phenom II X4 965
6GB mem
Linux Mint13

Thanks in advance for any help

Too many data points somehow, your suffering a memory overrun. most likely cause is too many subdivisions in either the collision surface and the cloth. Did you use the subdivide modifier on them by any chance?

No, I just add sub surface on the cloth object (2 subdivision).

Did you subdivide the cloth object in edit mode as well? how many vertici are on the colision object?

Oh, and you might as well post either the .blend file or at least a SS of your cloth physics panel as well.

I’m been testing this for over a week, so I try a different approach:

-What if there is an incompatibility between version. I used 2.64test2, the rig is Nathan Vegdah’s “biped_rig”, modeled in some of the earlier 2.5. The t shirt is from the DVD of the book Bounce_Tumble_Splash, modeled in version 2.46.

So I modeled a basic t shirt (kind of) and something like a “body” as a collision object, bake the simulation with the same settings for cloth an collision. Everything went fine, no problem.

Also, I opened the rig in 2,54 and append the t shirt, bake the sim, same settings, same result, everything OK.

My conclusion is, I’m not sure about this, there is actually an incompatibility between new an older version of Blender.
A lot of people is experiencing Blender crash for sim/render etc. For those I suggest check if the model you are try to sim/render was modeled in some older version.

Could someone confirm if that’s correct, or maybe add something?

I could say, this thread is solved, for now.