Blender + Crash = zero production


I’m having a very serious problem with Blender lately. It seems to be crashing every five minutes especially when dealing with Vertex Groups, Armatures, and pretty much anything involving complex meshes when in edit mode.

It’s gotten so bad that I’ve had to halt the production of my film. I made zero progress on my projects today :frowning:

Am I the only one experiencing these regular crashes or is this a common problem that’s been dealt with. It seems to have gotten worse since the last few Blender releases.

If you have any suggestion of things I could try that might stop Blender from crashing, please post them. This is so frustrating.

Windows 2000 Pro

System specs:

Amd athlon 2600
nVidia Gforce 4 64mb
512 DDR ram

i’ve had a bit of problem with 2.33a, but not with anyothers,

maybe you could post some console outputs if available?

btw. you got any complex 3dgames like farcry, doom3demo, etc.? do they work correct? maybe its a heatproblem.

Hi ! I have installed the Blender 2.33a release for 2 days, and I notice blurred places on the screen. I have noticed such a problem in former releases but no so strongly. It is not really a crash, and disapppears when
RMB Click or mouse moving. Is it what you mean ?


you probably have you graphics card setup to have antialiasing on regardless of the application not specifying it. It is also possible you have anistropic filtering set that way. Some cards really really mess up the blender ui when antialiasing is on (the whole screen is blurred to oblivion)

I don’t get any blur on the screen. It just crashes when working with vertex groups, assigning weights, etc…

Perhaps someone can redo the crash. Just try and use Blender 2.33a to alter a complex mesh rigged to a skeleton. I don’t think it’s a problem with my computer as I’ve only been having this probem since Blender 2.33. I knew that it kept crashing when using vertex groups and so on so I decided to work on other apsects of my project and hoped that the next Blender release, the bug wuld have been fixed.

I returned to using vertex groups when Blender 2.33a came out but it seems to have gotten worse.

is there anyone else working with vertex groups that are having this same problem?

There’s ur problem. :stuck_out_tongue:

Fonix Wircs:
A solution would have been nice. You can’t expect me to deinstall windows 2000 and downgrade back to an earlier version. I don’t think the Blender developers expect that either.

Anyway, I manage to get a glimps at the console just as Blender crashes. I didn’t get it all down, but here are some clues.

“Error: undo.“something”.“something”.g : negative”

It’s along those lines. I hope it helps. I’ll try and add more details if I’m lucky enough to get another glance at the console. Blender crashes and closes so fast sometimes.



run cmd and then run blender from there
The console doesn’t disappear then

One thing that I generally wish for in Blender is better “crash protection.” In other words, when Blender is told to attempt to do something in the GUI, it ought to use the C/C++ “try…catch” statement to try to provide some kind of protection against a runtime error. If the operation failed, Blender would be able to produce a message to the effect that “something really bad just happened, save your work quick” but not … simply … vanish.

It’s very disheartening when, “one moment you are running Blender, and the next moment you are not!” I don’t really think that professional-grade programs should ever do that. (Which isn’t to say that other programs don’t also commit the same sins.)

well, if the crash is an exception then yes, it could be handled.

But if it’s a GPF or segfault or similar, then there’s not much you can do about it.

Sry bout the previous post couldnt help it, what are the file specs?(verts,faces, etc…) And maybe have a camera ready if it crashed again?

I’ve been getting ALOT of crashes since updating to 2.33a as well.
It’s just like you describe, fiddling with vertices and suddenly it crashes.
Especially the Beauty function.

It never crashed like this before 2.33a

Sys specs:
P4 2 Ghz
768 Mb Ram
Geforce FX 5200 Ultra (latest driver)
Windows XP Pro

yesh, I have crash problems too

When I have a mesh that contains edges without faces or single vertex and when I want to modify the UVs, Blender crashes. :frowning:

I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one. Hopefully the developers can get to the bottom of this.

I think it could be a memory problem as it seems to crash less when rebooting the computer. If I use Blender after playing FarCry or counter-Strike, it seems to crash a lot more.

Keeping a close eye on your computers memory might prevent Blender from crashing too often. Still annoying though as I’m in the process of UVs, Vertex Groups and other complex modelling techniques.

That’s strange, I had some problems recently with 2.33. Certain scenes simply would not render without crashing the computer (blue screens of death restarts), but only from certain camera angles. :-? However 2.33a seems to have solved this…
I have XP, and I’ve not yet had any crashes while modelling, only rendering.