Blender Crash

(ifandbut) #1

I dont realy know why blender is crashing when I try to render my scene. Hear is the blend file

The file has 2280141 Vertics and 3388608 Faces.
Can any one help me.
I am using blender publisher 2.25

(VelikM) #2

After looking at your .blend I’m truly amazed :o . You have what, 9, 10… particle emiters with DupliVerts, with 30000 particles on each emiter? Unless you’re working on a Cray with ram in the tera-byte range, you’re going to crash when you run out of memory. I tried to render one frame 320x240, I went through 384meg ram, then crashed when the 10gig of virtual memory on the harddrive ran out. :wink:
It would be a nice scene if it would render. :slight_smile:

(ifandbut) #3

it’s alot but I could not think of an nothere way to create the trees.
I had the trees done a few weeks agow and It rendered fine. But now that I want to do more than a test render. I dont know what I did do do this. Can you give me any sugestions on how to create the trees like I have them but with a smaller polygon count.
I still want them to create the realistic shadows

Thanks for any help,
Ifandbut :slight_smile:

(VelikM) #4

You may be able to make something using PlantStudio.
It runs on Winblows but it works ok. Make the plant/tree then save as VRML-1 , open in blender and save as a .blend then you can use ‘shift-f1’ to import into your scene. Also there is a tree generator script for blender??, I’ve seen reference to it on the forums but don’t know anything about it, you may try a search to find it.

(RipSting) #5

There’s a great L-System tree/plant generator with sample plants in the form of a Blender Plugin here:

(VelikM) #6

I haven’t gotten it to work on windows or OS X, I get missing module errors on both OS’s Your grass generator works really really great though.

(ifandbut) #7

Thanks for your help.
I have the tree maker script for windows but I get the same errors.
I’ll see if PlantStudio will work for me.

Thanks again,

(theeth) #8

what’s the error message that you get for the Lsystem script?

Did you set your PythonPath correctly in Blender?