blender crash

Every time i render a particular scene with the internal renderer blender crashes. It spikes my memory to about 75% and then just quits. is there a limit in windows vista 64 bit on how much any one program can use? Thank you in advance.

How many vertices, etc are in the scene? Is it a complex scene? How much RAM is blender using when it crashes? How much RAM do you have?

Your running out of memory… Vista had a limit of how much memory is assigned to any one program I think. I finally had this happen to me, your going to have to simplify your scene somehow…

You could simplify the scene by splitting up the objects in your scene and rendering as seperate layers, I think this is what they did to deal with the complex scenes in Elephants Dream and Big Buck Bunny.

Blender is using about a total of two gig when rendering. I have four gig. How would you split the scene into different layers and render them separetly? Sorry for the long responce internet crashed :slight_smile:

I wonder how to render separate layers too…

Hi Pablo; it is in the Wiki:-