Blender Crash

For absolutely no reason, blender now crashes every time I try to extrude a relatively simple bezier curved object or go into edit mode on a rough face model in two of my blend files. I was having no trouble before, but now I can’t do anything in the program.

I restarted my computer, to no avail. I uninstalled blender, saving the blend files, and reinstalled it, to no avail once more.

I have attached a blend file with a simple bezier curve of a knife. Someone please DL the file and see if they can extrude it without problems. I don’t think it’s the file that is the problem, but I need to make sure.

I also have absolutely no idea what the heck is wrong or what to do to fix it. If restarting and reinstalling didn’t take care of the issue, I don’t know what will, and now I’m worried I can’t use blender on my PC again.

For those wondering, my specs:

Windows Vista
Graphics: HD 4850
CPU: 2.4 GHz Quad-core


So now I know it’s my computer, but I don’t know what. It seems anytime the program has to deal with anything semi-demanding, and even some stuff that’s NOT demanding, like vertices that number in only the hundreds, it crashes. It was working fine last week, why is it screwed up now? I would like to clear the registry if anyone knows how to.


phreaksig.blend (137 KB)

For your registry, try CCleaner (crap cleaner). It is very easy to use and works fine.
There are more “surgical” tools of course, but it is a nice all-rounder tool.
Be sure to save your registry before attempting major repairs.

Are you sure about your ram ? Is it stable and working fine ?
Can you identify some strange processes ? I don’t know Vista, so my help is more than limited unfortunately…

My RAM is stable and working fine. My GPU is overclocked but I don’t see how that could be a problem. I ran CCleaner, cleaned registry, did system restore, uninstalled, all that good stuff. Start all over, and it still crashes. None of the processes I have running are anything I don’t recognize, and I’m still stuck.

Mmmhhh. maybe you could try another version of Blender ?
Look at they have nice builds of Blender.
Some are highly experimental, some really safe.
Maybe it is a bug corrected now in some recent SVN build ?

I would be surprised if none of them works.

I have a somewhat similar issue, Blender crashes each few minutes usually when I extrude something.

My box is a Blender2.46/Vista32/E6600/4GoRAM/ATI4850 with latest catalyst 8.7

I begin to suspect the ATI 4850.

Has anyone here has a 4850 running a stable Blender?

If the 4850 has a problem with Blender it’s sad because this great card is selling like hot cakes in gamers community.

Have the same problem on linux, can’t extrude anything, if I try so, screen turns black and I wind up at my login screen. I suspect video problems (ati radeon express 200).
Under windows Blender runs slow (same machine) but after I copied the atioglxx.dll file into my blender folder, as mentioned in another thread it seems to work fine. Other linux distros work, but slow.