Blender crash.


I’m making an Rpg game, and placed in 2 enemies. I don’t know why but afted adding the enemies blender crashes in a lot of conditions.

So I need a (I think advanced) user of blender to look at it. But I don’t want to give the project to everyone here. So can someone who is a bit advanced in blender GE please tell me he wants to take a look at it and I’ll give the link to download page. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks a lot. I really need this :yes: :stuck_out_tongue:


Did A LOT of tests. All I’ve came up with that it has something to do with the enemy, and te fact that he dies. After that it’s just a matter of flying or moving and the game crashes (sometimes).

Please check it out for me :spin:

I could have a look I’m not gonna steal ur project. But my guess is you won’t give it to me but have you ever thought blender crashes because your computer simply can’t support it? My netbook crashed after I used the FPS template… so probably a graphics card issue.

You seem trustworthy enough. And I haven’t got that much to lose when you steal my project. xD Just don’t want ANY newb to get it you know… :stuck_out_tongue:

I send you pm

ya I hate it when noobs just steal projects and them edit them and call it theirs and most of the time they’re not experienced enough to edit it well enough to make it look different.

Back to the problem what graphical cards do you have… I can run it using a 9400 GT so whats yours

My graphical card is THE weak part of my computer. I’m getting a waaaay better computer in a few weeks. So thanks a lot. I think that’s the problem. I don’t know the bug, but it seems to crash when I kill an enemy, and after that start flying or something.

Anyway, I hope it will do fine with my new computer. Thanks a lot. =]

As I edited, the bug lays with the enemy dieing. Maybe beause all of the objects in de enemy are connected with logic bricks.

The problem is I can’t use messeges. Or at least it would be a lot of work, cause I need to change the “send messege to” every time when I add a new enemy.

someone please help me!