Blender crash

hello, I’m sorry if there are other posts but I been researching things all day and I’m growing weary. here is my problem when i opened up blender from the zipped file it opens what looks to be in a prompt mode saying its searching for a program that it finds then it starts to load. indicated by my mouse courser then thats it. I then can no longer do anything on my pc but do a hard shut down. I have gone to my video card in attempt to upgrade it which i seem to be struggling with aswell im runing SiS mirage 3 graphics card. I was running my pc off vista but now im running off a program that a friend put on it which i believe is XP however I think it was modified so I’ve been working on cleaning out the bugs,till i can afford the new windows 7. my other pc stats are acer aspire, Pentium processor D. if need more info just let me know