blender crash

Is there any reason why it will crash and give me a message the blender stopped working and have to close. It was in the middle of amination and i have 700 frames for it to be done. Now I have to restart it over which it takes 4 hours for it to me done.

Are you rendering to a single movie file or an image sequence? If it’s an image sequence, just start rendering from the next last frame & forwards.

If you are not rendering to an image sequence, start doing that! It’s really dumb rendering to movie files as you’re screwed if/when it crashes. Applies to everything in animation, compositing, editing. ;D

i think it is a image sequence since i have to wait for 700 files to be uploaded in a folder. because after its done i take it to adobe after effect and render there

If so, just set the start image to 699 and start rendering into the same folder. You won’t have to start again. :slight_smile: