Blender crashes after installing..

Hey guys,

I just discovered Blender today and wanted to start some Modelling on it.
Sadly after I installed it the games crashed and after a couple re-installings + downloads it still doesn’t work.

Problemereignisname: APPCRASH
Anwendungsname: blender.exe
Anwendungszeitstempel: 53ab381a
Fehlermodulname: blender.exe
Fehlermodulzeitstempel: 53ab381a
Ausnahmecode: c000001d
Ausnahmeoffset: 0000000001f382e1
Betriebsystemversion: 6.1.7600.
Gebietsschema-ID: 1031
Zusatzinformation 1: bca9
Zusatzinformation 2: bca970da058e36b3a1372e890300089c
Zusatzinformation 3: 71e3
Zusatzinformation 4: 71e3263276bdf650686718295aed3d97

This is the Error I get… Somebody know how to fix this? If you need some informations like Computer-Speccs, tell me please.

No idea off hand, and that isn’t my native language :\ which version of blender/which link are you trying to download from?

There are some suggestions you could try on