Blender crashes after recent win10 update surfacebook


looks like the recent update win 10 on my surface book makes blender non functional.
it crashes when launching it.

anybody has an idea what could cause this?

I’m on the Win10 Fall Creators update (PC version) and Blender runs fine for me.

Are you using the mobile version of Windows (a lot of people on tech. blogs report major issues with it)? If you are, rumors report that Microsoft plans to abandon it altogether (in favor of portable devices just having the desktop version)?

good to know that it works on your side.

I am so irritated with the surface hardware.

I have windows pro
Version 1709

Ace how can or where can one see what a possible error message is when the app crashes?
On macOS it is the console.

MS had some good ideas with the surface but their Win10 with offering 4 different ways to make HDDPI UIs fully ruined the experience because hardly anybody even offers / supports the high res display. what an embarrassing compared to macOS.

Another idea is to check your GPU drivers and make sure you actually have the ones from Nvidia or AMD (people have also reported that a Windows Update will sometimes throw them out and install the OpenGL-crippled ones from Microsoft). It hasn’t happened to me, just reporting what I’ve read.

i found the windows event viewer but the error logs have no details I can find

looks also you were right - they removed it.

OMG I want to throw this piece out of the window.
So drivers are installed Blender starts but you cannot interact with the UI
and Blender freezes but does not crash.


Welcome Aboard! Linux Mint

yeah I was joking about this to my students in class too. If one could put mac OS or Ubuntu onto the surface it would be a nice device.