Blender crashes at rendering on heavy files _ Error

Hi !

I’ve got a problem at rendering with a huge file of nearly 5 000 000 vertices and 34 lamps. Raytracing is not activated. I use OSA 16, Buffer shadow, Premul, PAL 720 x 576, Fields (sometimes Blender does render Field A and crashes on Field B).

I work under windows XP on a Pentium IV - 3GHz with 2GB of Dual channel DDR Ram.

After checking the 16 OSA samples, The Hard drive swaps a lot and Blender crashes and displays this error message in the console :

Malloc returns nill: len=81938704 in imb_addrectImBuf

It seems to be a problem of memory allocation, but blender displays 1.4 GB of needed RAM. Even if windows XP takes a part of it, I think that the rendering should be done without problem.

I have 3 computers of nearly the same power, and I encounter the problem on each, with various releases of Blender : 2.33a official- 2.34 official -2.33a BlenderIntel -2.34 blenderIntel.

I have to delete a lot of detailed meshes in areas that are not shown by the camera to be able to render.

I have tried to render by parts (2x1; 2x2 ; 3x3; 4x4; 5x5), without solving the problem.

De-Activating OSA avoid crash, but the result is not usable, of course !

I’d like to render my animation (a long walkthrough into a detailed museum) in one time without deleting objects, because I’d like to render when I’m not at home for several days.

Does Blender needs an amount of paginated memory in config.sys ?

Have you got an idea ?

I have to finish my film for an exibition in january, and I’m loosing a lot of time because of those rendering troubles.

Thanks in advance for any help.


Try bumping up the size of your virtual memory/swap file 1 or 2 Gigs if you have the disk space. With 5mill verts 34 lamps and 16 OSA you system will eat memory like crazy during a render.

Thanks ReeVee…

I’ll try it ! You’re certainly right.

I thought Blender should use only Ram because of the 2GB of DDR Ram available. I didn’t thought a lot about exchange files… even if I could see the drive swapping… Hmm :expressionless:

I’ll check this idea.



Hi !

News about the problem:

It seems to be better, but I 'still have to delete some objects.

I’ll have to Change the hard drive on the computer on which I do the modelling, because of a lack of free space on the Program and Swap unit.

I’ve not yet checked the 2 rendering computers which I have set set to 3GB of swap file.

To be followed.


Well, new informations about my problem:

I have deleted a lot of vertices on various meshes, and with only 2.5 millions of vertices, instead of 4.5 millions, The problem was still here !

I remembered that with 4 millions vertices, Blender could render well.

Finally, I think that the problem is Ambient Occlusion.

I’m rendering without Raytracing, using shadow buffer for a large part of the 34 lamps.

Ambient Occlusion was activated in some previous rendering Using Raytracing, and I forgot to switch-off Ambient Occlusion when I launched my new renderings with Raytracing Off.

Ambient Occlusion seems to crash Blender when Raytracing isn’t activated in the render panel.

Does somebody encounter this problem ? Is it normal ?