Blender crashes at same keyframe.

I am new to Blender and this is my first thread.

The problem that I am facing is whenever I render exploding logo( I followed exploding logo tutorial from cg geek) blender crashes everytime at frame 58. It is keyframe for breaker bar which is used to explode logo.
He did not show how to hide that breaker bar while rendering so I just hid it from camera. I am using cell fracture add on for logo explosion. Can anyone help me with this?

I am using blender 2.76b cause I am a windows xp user. I have 512mb ram .
I also tried it in my friend’s computer with version 2.79 and 2gb ram(I am sure ram isn’t the problem) there also it was crashing at same frame.
One more thing it doesn’t show any error and just shuts down.
If I need to upload any file plz tell me the site.

Sorry for bad english.

Welcome on board…:wink:

You should always supply an example .blend file with any support question, as this will make troubleshooting so much easier. You can upload the .blend file e.g. to pasteall - make sure it is under 30 MB and that all relevant textures are packed into the file.

Not sure why you rule out memory issues so quickly. A very high percentage of Blender crashes is memory related and I’m afraid your 512 MB as well as your friend’s 2 GB are next to nothing by today’s standards.

It is over 300mb. One more thing it is not forming any cache after frame 58 . Is this might be causing broblem?