Blender crashes computer

I’ve been using Blender for a while now, but a few weeks ago I started having this problem: Blender would suddenly make my hard drive go nuts to the point where my computer locks up. I don’t think that this is a driver problem because I have swap off (I’m on linux) and I’m pretty sure that graphics drivers don’t cause disk activity.

Any clues? Thanks!

bad drive?

this only happens while blender is running.

yeah, could be where blender’s stored on the drive it’s bad. Or it could be bad memory, but when you say “drive” I’m thinking drive issues. Blender write cache to the drive.

And what exactly would a driver problem have to do with the swap?
And running Linux without swap is not even close to smart. Depending on what you are doing in Blender your RAM could fill up and once its full and there is no swap that could cause your problems.
Furthermore, using swap can improve performance, no matter how much ram you have.
You should read into it the topic a bit.

Also what is “lock up” to you, and what are you doing when it happens, what cpu and memory utlization is appearing when you run into the problems?
Whats the result then?
Respond Sluggish?
Error Messages?
any logfiles show anything?

It locks up (lags -> freezes) at random moments. Sometimes when I do recover from a lockup, some processed appear to have been killed by oom-killer (so i’m assuming blender is suddenly using a crazy large amount of memory or something)

I wonder if these sysctl settings have anything to do with it:

vm.swappiness = 0
vm.vfs_cache_pressure = 50