Blender crashes during animation render

Hey guys, i need your help, i’m gonna make this short and simple.
Load up blender, load up city.
Uses Rendered viewport shading, renders fine.
Goes to press F12, renders a still image just fine.
Goes to render animation, it crashes after 2nd image…
Here’s the link to the file…
Any insight would be helpful.

Thanks guys.

No issues here but.

There are a gazillion textures missing from your blend file so we are unable to replicate what you have
You don’t say if you are using gpu rendering and if so the spec of the gpu
How much ram does it have, maybe you don’t have enough
Try cpu rendering

Well yeah, I have to use CPU rendering because I’m using smoke effects… And How do I add the textures so you can get them… I don’t remeber

Just wanted to post my computer stats

Win 7 32-bit: Really? Or is that a typo? If not, you’re essentially wasting three quarters of your RAM.
And that alone could explain your issue, as a 32 bit OS can only assign a maximum of 2 GB RAM to any process. So, as soon as Blender reaches a memory consumption of 2 GB, it will most likely crash.

Ok, I’ll install 64bit, hopefully it fixes the crashes