Blender Crashes during render after certain frame

Hi, I have a pretty urgent problem.

While working on an animation, I decided to try a one frame render to see what it would look like. So I start making renders of single frames of different parts of the animation. Unfortunately, everything after frame 120 makes blender crash. I somehow solved it by renaming one of my meshes from name.001 to nameBig (because it’s a bigger version of “name”). So i keep going.

Now I have the exact same problem. I have a keyframe at 120, and if I move it, the problem moves (around the timeline) with it. anything after that one keyframe makes blender crash. Not even freeze-crash, just “blender has stopped working” kinda crash.

All I have in that scene is a few very simple meshes and a few metaballs (they work great for making simple cells).

Only the mesh that previously caused the problem has a keyframe there, nothing else.

Anyways, this is pretty urgent because it’s for a class and it’s due on monday (yeah, yeah, I procrastinate too much XD )

I’m gonna sleep and keep looking in the morning. meanwhile, do any of you know what to do?



What kind of animation format are you rendering too? A frame sequence should not crash but a codec could. First try rendering frame seq then compile that in another app.

Also can you render the animation if you start at frame 120? Maybe there is a memory issue, could you bake any sims? Can you try removing the keyframe and making new ones for that object?

Try enabling the console before you render. Then when you crash you can view additional messages in the console.
Are there any scripts or drivers involved?
Try downloading another build of Blender from
Try turning off the camera visibility for the metaballs, or render only certain layers. Just trying to think of a way for you to get output.
Is your system overclocked? If so turn down the multiplier.
Are you saving a file to a location that you have permission to? If not save to the desktop.

I was just trying to render a png to see what it would look like. The scene is extremely simple, it’s for a class, and I don’t need to focus about visuals, I’m just using blender to make a small video to explain how b and t cells kill a virus.

I’ll see what the console says.

EDIT: the console crashes with blender :confused:

Let me try to render an actual animation and see what happens.

EDIT: nope, still crashing.

even the newest version from graphicall crashes :frowning:

Okay, I tried with version 2.60 and… still crashes, any ideas?

Well, appending everything into a new file works, so what the hell, I guess this is solved :eyebrowlift: