Blender crashes every 2 times i press p

hi everyone,
i cant play the game twice that blender crashes ,i dont really know why coz my logic bricks setup is ok ,nothing is buggy or wrong,what can i do to solve this problem? send the wer.log file to the blender devolopers for better analyzis or what else can i do?

You could try to identify the source of the problem:

  • make a copy of your file
  1. remove half of the objects
  2. test
    if it still crashes go to 1)
    otherwise go back and remove the other half of the objects.
    go to 2)

Do that until you know what object forces the crash.
I hope you know what I mean.

Maybe it helps

hi Monster,
thx and yeah i got it,im going to try that out and if it still crashes then ill poster the wer error log…
thx again,