Blender crashes every time I click Smart UV Unwrap

Well for a few objects it did not, but once I tried to unwrap the head of my character, it just completely shuts off instantly the moment I click smart uv unwrap. I’ve even tried cutting my selection half so its just the front face, still crashes. I cant use regular unwrap because when I paint my texture on that, it comes out extremely blocky due to relegating some parts of the texture to extremely small parts of the unwrap, even when I scale it up like 8x its still pretty bad looking. I’ve hit a wall here. You can see my selection here.

though smart UV unwrap uses to be kinda unsmart :joy:
It should not crash.

I think you should file a bug report with your blend file or a simpler way to reproduce for sure your problem :slight_smile:

Beside this, for tex painting you could try lightmap unwrap with some 8 pixels margin.

Happy blending !

check for doubles vertices, check normals, and this uv wrap method its not suitable for a head unwrap, just select some edges and mark the seams yourself and unwrap…

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All I saw was Lightmap pack and when I select it tells me there is no mesh object despite everything being highlighted. By the way, I am new to this entire thing.

I’ve had the same issue. First off, since I had multiple meshes and some would unwrap perfectly while others didn’t, I tried finding the relations between them. I figured out that the ones that didn’t work had lonely, unused edges and vertices that didn’t have any faces attached to them. Once I removed them, they unwrapped perfectly.