Blender Crashes For Reasons Unknown (To me anyway)

I had Blender for awhile now and while the Blender was good, my computers HDDS not so much, so occasionally i would have to get new HDDS cause the previous ones would break lol. But now i have Alienware and it should be ok for a long while (i hope). But now that i use it on here Blender crashes randomly, i used to think it was because if me hitting Ctrl+Z thats when the crashing would happen but now, it happened after i join objects together, save, deleting, tab edit mode. Couldnt figure out why until i looked at the command prompt window and it would say this:

Idk what any of that means so, yeah, And after i see that it would crash after hitting said keys and commands. So could it be my new HDD? IF it helps any my Blender version is 2.69.

…So i guess I am the only one thats ever had this problem? Lol.

It seams so, error message has something to do with memory (Ram).
I first would get the latest Blender 2.71, try to delete all old stuff in Blender Foundation folder too.
Is it on specific file or different files.
Blender try to keep all in Ram after start so I don´t think it is HDD problem.
Are you on win 32 bit? You have only 1.5 GB for each application!

Cheers, mib