Blender crashes HALP PLZ lol

I’m making a Sonic The Hedgehog fan game, but as i progressed on the game’s development, blender crashed more and more often. And now, everytime I load the game blender crashes imediatly and does not allow me to do anything! plz help

here’s the .blend file

Crashes for me to. What have you done! :slight_smile:

I don’t know D:

I was able to open it in BlenderPlayer, but not in Blender itself. Do you have any .blend1 files? If you did, you could try opening them. Those are backup files automatically saved by blender.

I tried some appending and such. It seems to be something with entering edit mode with your Sonic character. My guess is you left him in edit mode when you closed the .blend file. Now when you open it, it crashes. If I append the sonic character, I’m fine. If I enter edit mode with him, I get an immediate crash.

I would mess around with appending if I were you. See what you can find out.

What is appending? Lol sorry I’m a bit new with blender… And the blend1 file also crashes when opening… also do you think this is an error created by sonic’s mesh or just a random error? Because if nothing can be done, i would have to start over again but i don’t want this to happen again…

Appending is when you copy parts of a file to a new file. Here’s how you do it.

File > Append or Link.

At the bottom of the browser, Append should be selected. If not click it. Browse to your .blend file. Click on the file, and opens several options of things you can open. Objects, scenes, materials, etc. You can choose what objects to copy by selecting it and then clicking the load library button.

I did but it keeps crashing… I think its the sonic model because I imported it to a new blend file and it crashes now…

EDIT: I found a new model! Its too high poly though…

Hey, I think your model is great. There is something screwy with it though, some vertices are getting stretched out to infinity, IDK if this is a logic brick or a modifier or what. But if you created the sonic mesh I saw when I got it working. Congrats.

If you didn’t, then you really haven’t lost anything at all. I would just start over.