Blender crashes - Help

Hey there,

I am quite new to Blender but everything worked pretty well so far.

But as I finished several little animation clips and got them rendered without any issues, now my Blender always chrashes, when I try to render my project.
I tried to fix that with Windows updates and I de- and reinstalled Blender several times. Both didn’t work. I’m not doing anything different than with the projects before.

I really need that project to be finished, so I even thought about just restarting the process. But even then, when I opened a new project and tried to upload my images, Blender always crashed.

As I am not a computer nerd I don’t really have a clue of all that technical stuff but I know, that running Blender dind’t use too much of my CPU capacitiy also all drivers of my hardware are up to date.
Maybe you can help me with that? Would really appreciate it, if this could get fixed.

Hi @Newbie-1,

Just couple questions at the beginning.
Did you changed your Blender versions during this entire process? If yes what exact versions?

Blender after crash usually leaves your_project_name_here.crash.txt file in temp directory that can be helpful in diagnosing your problem.

Hi @silex,

I started using Blender about one year ago. Unfortunately I couldn’t retrace which version that was. But I kept using it until the program started to constantly crash. In hope this might be stopped I updated to Version 3.4. But that obviously didn’t solve my problem.

If you could tell me, where to exactly find that .txt file I will try to attach that. Couldn’t find it :thinking:


Open your Blender, then click on “Edit” tab, in dropdown menu choose “Preferences”, in an opened pop-up tab, look at the left sidebar menu, there you need to choose a tab called “File Paths”, once you open this tab, take a look at the “Temporary Files” path — this is the actual location of your temporary files

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As a new member I mustn’t upload files, so here you go via drive upload.
@goorman thx for your held, actually had no temp files set.

Thank you,

Frankly, I don’t know what may be the cause of that problem, but you could try do this:

  1. Find and install the older version of Blender (2.93 for an example) a try to run your project from there.
  2. Some say if you would delete config folder of your Blender - this may help. However, I would’ve recommened to do a backup of that folder at first.
    The defualt path for config folder is "%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\%YOURVERSIONOFBLENDER%\"

I tried version 2.93.115 and first it worked. I wanted to render but in render preview my object were surrounded black. Still haven’t found out, why or how to fix. But back to the crash problem. After I had a little break and came back an opened my project, the older version crashed before even starting correctly.

Will try your advice of deleting config later. Hope that will finally help. Need that project to be rendered soon.

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