Blender Crashes Immediately Upon Startup?

“Blender has stopped working” immediately on startup. (The typical Windows error for a program breaking.)

I run through the installation provided on the website. I run everything as Administrator.

My Specs:

Windows 8 x64
Intel i3570k (3.6? GHz, not overclocked)
16 GB Ram (8Gb x1, 4Gb x2)
XFX GeForce GTX770 SuperClocked

I have Python 2.7 User Variables set up (from a Python-based game), but not System Variables.

Here is the error in question reproduced through command prompt:


My Google searches have been fruitless, and judging by what I’ve seen Blender can do, this is something I’d like to try out very much.

Note: I have installed the C++ Redistributable as per instructions below the actual download page itself, and I’m about to have to go into work for about 8-9 hours, so I am trying to provide as much information as possible. I will attempt to check this thread while I can, but for now this is all I can give. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!

Note 2: I decided to debug it using Visual Studio 2013 (I don’t think this information will be at all useful though), and this is where Visual Studio thinks the error is occurring for me:


Note 3: And this is the debug report before I started the debugging process:

(Pop-up window stating 'Unhandled exception at 0x00007FFD039C4A30 (msvcr120.dll) in blender.exe: Fatal program exit requested.) I chose to Break the operation, since Continue just gave the same results.


Sorry for 1) the long post, and 2) all of the large images.

For future reference:

The problem here was that the PYTHONPATH environment variable was set to some location that contained python 2.7 libraries. This lead to a crash in msvcr120.dll for some unknown reason.