Blender crashes on CTR+O "open recent" on windows 7

Blender crashes on CTR+O “open recent” on windows 7

i feel blender kinda unstable on windows 7 , this is one example , another very posible way to crash it it by doing undo several times.

any idea on what could be the problem ?

thanx !!!

Build number? 32 or 64bit?

Lately Blender has been troublesome for me too on Windows 7. I find it harder and harder to make it crash.

Are you sure it’s Ctrl+O? Although the File->Open Recent menu lists Ctrl+O as the hotkey, it’s overridden by the regular Open File operation. If I want the open recent menu to pop up on it’s own, I use Shift+Ctrl+O. Come to think of it, I should probably file a bug on this UI issue at least.

It would help to know a bit more about your system specs, including whether you’re running a 32 bit or a 64 bit version of Win7. I believe that the amount of RAM that you have has an effect on the number of undos that you can perform.

As well as your current Blender version, could you tell us if it’s an installed version or one that you unzipped and dropped into your C: drive? I use the latter - Unzip and drop into C - and I have had none of the problems you mentioned. When I first open a file in a new install I I use the File:Open dialog and set the path to to location of my files so that Blender knows where to look for them. After that CTRL+O works just fine.

Windows 7
I couldn’t resist it. I couldn’t!

Ahh! There it is! I thought the open-recent-menu would just not work (UI is indeed not very clear on the shortcut). I can’t believe I never tried out the other key-combinations. Thanks!