Blender Crashes on GPU render

Hi, I’m hoping someone can help me out with this. I just built a new rig and I was hoping it would overcome this problem but it still crashes.

My old setup was a GTX 650Ti Boost, Intel Core 2 duo 2.8ghz, 4 gigs of ram (windows 7 32 bit). And upon rendering with the gpu blender would crash and it would give me a time out error (the 2 second response from GPU). It was about time for me to upgrade my pc so I I upgraded it to this setup:

16gb Ram, i7-4770 @ 3.5ghz and GTX 760 (windows 7 64 bit)

Blender is still crashing when I try to render with the gpu, almost instantly. All I’m rendering is a single character, not super complicated, I have several high res textures for clothes and such, but the textures themselves shouldn’t take up more than a couple of hundred megs of ram. I’m running cloth simulation and strand rendering on the hair and I’m rendering with cycles. Mind you I’m only rendering a single frame here and it crashes. I tried turning the hair off and it seems to stop the crashing, but I’m not sure why it crashes with the hair on. I only have about 1200 hairs with 100 children. The GPU doesn’t crash in the “render view” but only when its doing a final render. Does anyone have any idea how to fix this?

Simplify the scene and textures. Does it crash
Add a texture. Does it crash ?
Add more complexity. Does it crash ?

Repeat until you reach the limit of your hardware