Blender Crashes on Render

Hi, i think this is probably a frequently asked question, but blender is crashing on a scene using cycles while rendering an animated Text converted to Mesh, retopo’ed, with an animated displacement map and an animated color palette using the displacement map as reference.

I work on a laptop, (8GB RAM, geforce MX110, intel core i5 8th gen)

Im afraid this might be just a case of a rig not powerful enough to render the scene but im hoping people with more know how can tell me otherwise and point me to the obvious box that i have to tick to fix everything

if someone could point me to where i can upload the crash report to get some answers i would greatly appreciate it since i cant upload anything here due to being a “new user”.

Thank you

Hi Keroron,

I would guess it’s related to your scene and Blender running out of resources. Have you been monitoring your laptop with Task Manager (or equivalent for you OS). Try this:

Hopefully this will help, if not we can then investigate further.


Thank you so much for replying.
So i turned adaptive sampling on and using the task manager i comfirmed it is indeed my computer saying “no thank you”, immediately maxing out my RAM my cpu and gpu usage and crashing blender in 2 seconds on attempted render.
Followed your article about virtual memory without issue, used the recommended ratios and everything, restarted the machine but blender doesn’t even use any part of the virtual memory, my cpu just peaks and then it crashes a second later.
Im going to try it with just less rendering steps i guess and go from there. if you have any other ideas please let me know!