Blender crashes on render

Hey all. Blender seems to crash when I try to render. I’m on a winxp home system with 512 ddr ram PIV 1.6 and my video card is the “new” TNT2 32 MB. Any thoughts?

What’s in the scene? We need more info.

What’s in the dos box that comes up just before blender’s main window does?

try using the DispView option (in the Display buttons F10) instead of DispWin. While it might not be ideal, it often solve problems like this.


One thing that will crash a render is an object that has been imported and has not had a material set on it correctly. Add a material to it and try it again.

I just did some simple text added material and lamps and color. That’s it.
Windows says theres been an error and asks to send a report and then it closes.

I have a similar problem with my desktop. Blender ran fine under Win98 SE, but now with Windows XP the video driver seems to be the problem. The only way to get Blender to run without crashing during render is to remove all graphic acceleration (not an option).

Perhaps with the promise of more development in the near future, we can hope for more hardware compatability.


Are you using the newest driver from Nvidia, Detonator, for your TNT 2???

I had the same problem, untill I downloaded the Detonator driver … Every thing works now … better than ever.

Congrats to Nvidia on this one Great job :smiley:

WEll I dld the latest detonator drivers for XP from the Nvidia site (v 2.9) but it still crashes. Noront says there’s nothing wrong in the registry so I’m dling another copy of Blender. Thoughts?

Well, I’m using DispView and things work…