Blender Crashes on Startup

I’ve been using Blender for almost a year now without any problems, and, a few minutes ago, it crashed unexpectedly. I got the standard Windows error message: “blender.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close.” Now, whenever I start up Blender, the usual command line stuff comes up, the Blender window starts to open, and the program crashes. I get the same error message.

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated :o

Find “B.blend” and delete it. It’s the config file for startup and a new one will be generated when Blender opens. If you’re on a Mac it’ll be a hidden file so you need to enable hidden files somehow.


Thanks, but I’m pretty sure there’s no “B.blend” on my computer. I just ran a search for it (with hidden files and folders enabled) and it came up completely empty. Anything I might have missed here?

Try re-downloading Blender and see if it still happens.

There definitely is a B.blend.


I just re-downloaded Blender for about the fourth time, and it worked! :smiley:
I have no idea what might have done it, but I’m just glad it’s up and running again. Thanks for the help Fligh, animatinator.