blender crashes on startup

hey everyone i just downloaded blender 2.71 and when i start it just crashes with no error message, now i was getting this with previous versions and what i had was a .bat file that would point blender to its bundled version of python and that worked fine for my needs, however i recently had to reinstall windows and because of that i lost the bat file and i have been searching but cannot seem to find it

now you may ask why dont i just install python and be done with it, well the answer to that is, i have tried in the past and the issue is this, besides me there is another person that uses this computer and they use blender 2.49b and i use the latest versions and no matter how hard i tried i could not get python 2.6.2 for 2.49b and whatever the newer versions use to install on the same machine without messing up the one for 2.49b

so if anyone has the bat file or any other advice please let me know.