Blender Crashes On Undo

Hi All,

Is it just me or does Blender crash a lot when you use undo?

I compare Blender undo to voodoo. I try to always do a save and pray before I undo because Blender crashes a lot. Once again, I forgot to save and I did an undo and lost some of my work. I try not to use undo at all because it has such a tendency to crash.

This is what I mean when I say I feel like I have one arm tied behind my back when using Blender.

Oh yeah, you can’t use that feature…

No. It is quite stable and almost never crashes on me - in standard situations.

However: if I have some script running (especially the Yafaray Exporter Script) it does indeed have a tendency to crash more often. Especially on undos. But other than that, still no problems.

I get that when I have a couple of really high polygon models (with sculpting, for example). If you’ve got any meshes that you aren’t using (I like to create backups at various point in the sculpting process and move them to different layers), delete them and see if that fixes it.