Blender crashes (sculpting, multires)

I was sculpting a model and I ended up with multires Level 6 model. After that I modeled low poly model over it using Retopo tool. Then I decided I need more details on hi res version of the model and once I clicked Add Level in multires panel, Blender crashed on me. I opened previous version of the file where I haven’t created low poly model and I had no troubles of adding another level of multires to my model.
Has anyone experienced such problem before? Any bug fixes available/will be available?

EDIT: I forgot to mention that I use this build for Windows:

What kind of error message did you get? Could it be possible that you simply ran out of memory? Also can you redo the crash consistently? If so you might want to create a test .blend and add it to the bug tracker.

I experience that crash consistently, it’s not random. I get error in Blender.exe and msxxxx.dll and I will try to post that file tomorrow.

ok. here is the file I experience crash with (appending mesh from it to another file doesn’t solve a thing).

File is about 9Mb in size.

I played around with the file a bit, but wasn’t able to make it crash. Can you list the exact steps that led to your crash?

I load file, go to Layer 2 (with hi-res mesh), deselect everything, select hi-res mesh only, click Add Level in multi-res panel and I crash Blender :frowning: If I Apply Multires, and then add it again, no crash happens, I can add more details and such, but it is kind of inconvenient :confused:

You need more memory.
Try to deactivate the “Global UnDo” in “User Preferences”

ic. will do that!