Blender crashes using CUDA after an hour or so

I’m trying to render a 1920x1080 scene in 2.63rc1 Cycles on my GPU with full GI and caustics, it renders and chugs along for maybe an hour but then Blender crashes and I lose my render. It only crashes when using CUDA. With the CPU, it takes a lot longer but doesn’t crash. I’ve also tested in 2.62 and it does the same thing. Any ideas? Thanks!

My specs:
Mac Pro 2x4core Xeon, 16 GB RAM
PNY Quadro 4000
OS X 10.6.8 Snow Leopard
All up-to-date Nvidia drivers and CUDA driver/toolkit

Also, is there any way to resume a Cycles render? like in Luxrender?

No resume atm. but you can use the seed setting in integrator.
If you have a pic with 1000 samples, do another render with 1000 samples and seed 1, and mix it in the compositor with 0.5.
2000+1000 with 0.25 and so forth.
Can´t help with your crash problems but have look to the GPU temperature during rendering.
Quadro 4000 are very stable cards but may be there is a cooling problem.

Cheers, mib.
Edit: Seed:
Random number generator seed, each different value gives a different noise pattern.

Ok, I’ll try that, thanks!