Blender crashes video card PLEASE HELP ME!

I’ve been working on a scene but when i preview in cycles after a few moments and so
my screen goes black and windows tells me that my video card crashed and has been restarted.
heres my project and log files.
please help me :frowning:
blender_debug_output.txt (1.2 MB) blender_system_info.txt (23.8 KB) redwine.blend (2.9 MB)

I can open and render the image fine.

Try disabling all your add ons

Update: can now preview but the render area is small…
gonna check if blender keeps crashing on full render…
i also tried lowering my clock speed when i try to overclock while
doing a highly intensive process that also caused my driver to crash…

I used my cpu and gpu to test. A 2070 and 2920x. Also the ior of glass looks better set to 1.45 or so