Blender Crashes When Attempting to log in to

It seems 2.63 crashes when I try to login to


If Blender freezes while uploading a session to, then everything works as expected. If Blender suddenly disappears or an error dialog is popped up telling about a crash, then we have a real problem.

Could you please paste the log that the uploader generates into The log you can get by starting blender from the command-line (cmd.exe in Windows, a terminal like xterm in Linux and OSX).

If you can, please write me a private message here with your user info and OS+hardware info, so I can help pinpointing what the actual problem is, and then potentially fix the uploader script.



It started working all of a sudden! I don’t know if it was a coincidence, but I just deleted 2.61 that I still had on my hard drive. That’s computers for you.
Thanks anyway!

Good to hear it works for you now :slight_smile: Enjoy!