Blender crashes when I close the render window...?

Basically Blender just started crashing when I close the render window… even if I load a new scene, render the defult cube then click the x on the render window blender stops responding. It did work at first then just stoped, I can’t think of anything i did that time to break it. I have un-installed and reinstalled… it still dose it, also sometimes the script window goes blank, I use the discombobulator sometimes but then other times when I go to the script window all the scripts dont exist, so I tried removing python 2.5.2 and 3 but it still freezes. I have a vaio laptop running vista, also I have windows special efects turned off because they interfered with the blender display

I may be just too bias, but I have a problem with Vista. I don’t think this problem is related to a core Blender bug, because say for example, I don’t have this problem. And the next person to read this forum will probably not have this problem.

It might just be Vista that’s doing it.

It’s a Vista/Intel, some reports of ATI, bug of sorts.
so, instead of closing the render window, press ESC to minimize it.
if you accidentally close the render window & blender “Stalls”,
then press F11, then ESC to minimize the render window.
I found in the end that it’s easier to set the Render Options to render in the image editor.
You can still Ctrl/Up key to maximize the image editor before rendering if you like.
This affects my Laptop with Vista & Intel on board graphics,
but not my newer Desktop with XP & ATI card.