blender crashes when I import a dxf created in AutoCAD 2004?


I am very new to Blender and am trying to import a dxf created in CAD into Blender 2.4. It causes blender to crash. I am able to import a dxf that was exported from blender without any problems. Any ideas about what the issue could be? My dxf contains only lines…nothing else.

Please help. Thanks.

Doesn’t autocad have options for how it saves the .dxf? If you search in the Python and Plugins forum there is a recent dxf import script that may work better.

I can’t find the script but either Hos or Sir Dude wrote it, but read this too:


are u importing 3d models or dwgs?

if ur importing 3d models i would say just ditch the whole dxf thing - its worthless and a waste of precious time (at least with the ginormous models i use). ive found my best bet is using a 3ds file - if u cant export everything via 3ds then break down the layers that don’t export into smaller pieces

i.e. say “plumbing” doesnt export cuz of too many faces…break it down into “plumb1” “plumb2” etc.

man i tried painfully for the longest to find a better way to export from acad and into blender - unfortunately 3ds has been the only reliable solution for me…oh yeah u better rescale everything u import by .001 cuz blenders scene has limits (STUPIDEST thing ive come across in blender) in case u didnt know yet - thats pretty much only if ur doing architecture or other slightly big things.

Thank you very much for you replies Fligh% and Originalsurfmax.

I have finally had some success in importing my files.

The best way to get it in seemed to be scaling all the geometry down to .001 as you suggested Originalsurfmax, moving everything near to the origin, changing the dwg file limits(LIMMAX) to the minimum to cover the geometry and then saving as a release 14 dxf format. It came in very cleanly into Blender.

The 3ds export from CAD did not help me as it only works for solids and surfaces, but not for lines. The other alternative that seemed to work was to open up the dxf in ‘Crossroads’ and convert it into a 3ds file. That somehow changed the lines into a mesh object. The import was a bit messy with many duplicated vertices though. The other method worked better for my geometry.

Thanks again for your quick responses.

cool! my first time giving instead of taking here at elysiun…glad i could help - yes 3DSOUT in autocad is definitely only for 3d stuff (solids/surfaces) - dxf is the way to go for line dwgs…

…btw if u use curves/arcs etc u may have problems - search the forums for that its covered a lot.