Blender Crashes when I open my game

I don’t know if this is where I ask this question, but if it isn’t sorry!

Anyways, each time I open up my game, and try to Ctrl + Up, my Game crashes, Idon’t even press P, I press Ctrl + Up or Down and blender crashes. I used to work, I didn’t change anything, but I thought that re-installing blender again would help, but it didn’t make a difference. The last thing I did before it started to crash, was sub down all the windows , packed the data, uploaded it to mediafire and posted it. I saved and closed blender. When I tried to open it again, I press Ctrl + Up and blender crashes. (Sorry for repeating my self so much)

I’m using Blender 2.49 RC3, I used it before it crashed and now it crashes. Can someone tell me whats wrong, whats the problem?

Now the file doesn’t even open, please help guys.

a link to the file would help a lot, my guess is either blender is trying to compile a GLSL shader that was previously out of the view or there is some corrupt data thats causing a crash.

Does it crash in the current, stable build?