Blender crashes when I run my game in texture mode

Huh, wha? Is it something I did? Or is it a Blender bug? Because I know it’s not my computer. I was applying textures and almost got close to finishing when I decided to test run it.

Get the file here; you might have to copy and paste the URL:

Edit: Poof, URL gone!

If just open it and run it to see the error. If your computer explodes, it’s not my fault :-?

If you actually run it successfully, you’ve got nerve…

Yeah, it doesn’t really do anything…

Any idea what the problem is?

Never mind, I found out that the size of my texture was the problem. It was 640x480. I just need to cut it up, I hope…

Textures don’t cause the game to crash normally.

So changing the texture fixes it?.

I had the same problem, but that was because i was using png’s & gif’s.