Blender crashes when I try to render in Blender Engine

I am doing a tutorial here: After he renders the dog in Cycles, he shows how to change all the material settings to render using Blender Engine. I had no problems rendering the dog in Cycles. But I was only able to render the same dog a couple of times using the Blender Engine. The dog did come out looking better. But now every time I attempt to render the dog in Blender Engine, Blender crashes. Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?

Strange bug, it segfault with your file, but when re-run blender under gdb ( gdb --args bin/blender) it work ok. Then I tried few times with or w/o gdb, it still work. No idea.

Thanks for responding. I had to look up the meanings of the abbreviations you used in your post. I’m a beginner. You’re way too advanced for me to understand. Anyway, I’ve moved on with the Cycles version of my dog.

Blender, hash ee8dafe, 08-08-0214, linux, 64 bit - not a slightest problem at all.

Nice puppy!