Blender crashes when i try to render

I’m trying to export a project with objects, textures and light. My computer can’t export in evee or cycles, blender closes itself every time. I never had any problem before and my previous “save files” export just fine.
I’m fairly new to blender so I don’t know what this error messages mean.

hard to understand your problem, to export you don’t need eevee or cycle who process calcul to render an image. Render issue can have many causes :frowning: , from hardware to something in your scene. Watch your performance (cpu, memory) trough windows. Then desactivate some elements or lower subdivisions.
The line means that some module of an addon isn’t available, i doesn’t think is the problem for your issue but you can desactivate this addon (cad_sketcher).

I do not have the addon cad sketcher on
My computer should be “strong” enough to export it.
However, after hiding some object i realized blender could export my scene. Thank you, i will dig into that to see what object make blender crash

Welcome :tada:

i think this is not a problem of the render engine but of the file format/ exporter you choose to export to…

Some have restictions on amount of something or overal file size… if blender stores this in it’s own file format this doesn’t mean for example the asci text format OBJ can handle a multi million polygon scene…

And of course there is a change that any exporter just can’t convert such a big amount of data because ther is any overflow/bug or even not enough memory while in the process of converting…

And as you said hidding some objects (ans so not slected on export??) just works…

It does seem like my modifier were the problem. Excuse my vocabulary I don’t know the exact term, one of my object was too heavy, subdivision modifier was looking fine but it was what was making crash my blender.