Blender crashes when importing png.

I know this may be a dumb question, but what are the image formats supported in the image texture import? I know Jpg works, but I want one with transparency so I tried importing a transparent png as a texture for one of my objects. Blender crashed. Everytime. So I guess it doesn’t accept pngs? Then why are they highlighted when browsing? And what file format do I use when I want alpha channel transparency? What about dimensions. Is there any pixel size and proportion limits. I’ll go over the manual once again, in the meantime.

blender does support transparent png

but try tga [targa], they support transparency as well

however, I don’t think the crashing is due to blender entirely. perhaps you have some weird hardware issue [if you can load a jpeg this isn’t likely the case], or perhaps just a really weird file in that folder…