Blender crashes when model contains imported elements (dxf, 3ds, etc)

I’m on Blender 2.42a and whenever I switch to a game mode when my model contains imported objects, either .dxf or 3ds, the application crashes. Any suggestions?

Did you try saving the model as a blend and then appending it?

Yes, I imported the dxf and 3ds models, saved them as .blend and then appended them to another .blend. Activating game mode (P-key) crashes Blender. Appending Blender-created models works fine.

Any time I have duplicate vertices the game engine crashes; bam, terminated application. I learned to run the ‘remove duplicate vertices’ when that happens and then it runs fine. I wonder if the imported dxf and 3ds have duplicate vertices?

It may be something about the models. I’m importing 3ds models and not getting game crashes.

Thanks for the tip, removing doubles (over 2000 of them) seemed to solve the crashing problem with one model.


I’ve made a try to import 3ds model into the game engine and it was ok but some faces reacted like holes ( player going throw ) . I’ve delete the face and reconnect with the other faces but it didn’t solve the problem, I’v also tried to export/import with other file format ( dxf,…) and it was the same…

…any idea ?

maybe there will have also some non quad faces like with 5 vertex !!