Blender Crashes when using armatures

for some reason whenever I add an armature and begin to move it blender “Encounters a problem and needs to close”, I have tried it on more than one mesh and i keep getting the same thing happening, Any Help?


What version of Blender are you using? Can you give some details of your computer, including graphics card? What do you mean by “move it”? (e.g. are you moving the armature object, editing the positions of bones, posing bones, etc.) How are you influencing the mesh with the armature? (e.g. parenting/modifier, using envelopes, weights or both)

I am using Blender 2.49b, I have 1.18 GB of ram though my graphics card is a via/sg3 unichrome Pro IGP, and from what i’ve read its not too good. I havent even got to attaching it to my mesh when it crashes, I create the armature begin to move it into place then it crashes.