Blender crashes while rendering heavy scene

Hello, I set up a heavy scene - dozens of 4k textures and millions of polys. And when I try to render even half of the scene - when like 50% of the render is done Blender crashes. What do? Why it even crashes? I have like 50% of the rendered image done.
However if I lower output resolution to 50% everything seems to be fine. But I need full res - 1440p.

Please help me out…

You can probably convert the 4ks to jpgs instead of pngs. Also, 1440 isn’t too high res, so maybe you could resize those same textures to half. I recently struggled with this same issue only to realize my eye couldn’t tell the difference between 4k and 2k, it’s not like you are rendering at 4000px wide. There are also standard tricks like lowering the SubDs a notch if it’s excessive, and if there are many objects that aren’t visible in your scene at a specific angle, simply turn the SubDs of those off. This still maintains the shadows etc in behind and general realism but should likely help with the crashing side of things.

Hm… I found what caused the trouble - adaptive subdiv. I turned this off and everything works perfect, render works 5 times faster and doesn’t crash no more.
I changed all textures from tiff and png to jpg and got little to no performance. I didn’t measure, but I didn’t notice the difference.

Would that help? It affects storage on disk, but I can’t see it affect memory usage in a renderer.

If turning off adaptive sub-division fix it, it’s probably the GPU running out of memory.
Should have a message about it in the info tab.

I don’t get a message, just a crash.
I have 1070ti.
Hm… Did someone use render farms? Will it help?
Is it expensive?

A render farm will definitely help in such cases. For instance, our GPUs have 16 GB of RAM, so twice the amount from the 1070ti. And if the project doesn’t fit in this amount of memory, we have CPU servers with up to 200 GB of RAM available.

Pricing depends on the scene complexity and number of frames, but we have options that won’t break the bank.