Blender crashes with "fileoutput" node

i would like to render e scene, i put some passes on and added a fileoutput node to save a multi exr file. blender crashes after rendering and saving the file. anyone around how has an idea why?

Not yet.

It is good practice to include your computer specifications like CPU, GPU, memory and operating system. Having that information can give an idea about possible issues related to general software instability, hardware incompatibility or known bugs.

But you say this happens every time… Have you tried opening a new scene and setting up the nodes in the same manner to see if it still crashes? Sometimes this solves the problem, which means that the issue is in your scene, or its local settings.

It is always a good idea to include a file or a picture when possible. On this site has traditionally been used for this purpose.

I had this thing, when was out of RAM.

Hi, I’m sorry for the missing information. i opened a new scene and inserted all assets, i set up the compositing again. it doesn’t crash like this anymore. but unfortunately I have not yet found the error. if the computer had problems with the ram, it wouldn’t crash right after saving it, would it? it renders, saves, and then crashes instantly. well, I was able to help me with a new scene. but it cost me a lot of time.
thanks anyway for your answers!