Blender Crashes with GPU

I have a GTX 1050 2GB that has been installed on my computer for while, but it has only one input for DVI cable, and since my monitor only had VGA input, I didn’t use it untill I got myself a new monitor. I had been using Blender 2.79b for a while and I was using it with the Intel Graphics only (it was working surprisingly fine). Today I got the new monitor and installed it on my GPU, and I can’t work on Cyles anymore. The program crashes when I try to change it to Cycles render, and it also crashes when I go to User Preferences > System, so I can’t change render device config either. I made a few tests and installed the new monitor on the motherboard and it all worked again just fine. I even tried to change the render device on UP > System config while I was using Intel Graphics and then changed the cable again to the GPU and it crashed again… I can’t find a solution for this anywhere.

Also, I tested the GPU with other 3D softwares it everything worked really well.
I also downloaded 2.80 and 2.79.6 and it worked just fine with my GPU. It only crashes with 2.79… Anyone can help?

English is not my native language, so sorry for any typos.

I assume you’re on W10 OS.
Which drivers are you using?
Try uninstalling automated stuff then DL & Install latest from NVidia drivers.

Hi Burnin, thanks for replying. I installed the latest driver from NVIDIA today. It was the thirst thing I tried…
I didn’t understand what you mentioned about “uninstalling automated stuff then DL” though, can you explain?

Drivers which Windows automatically installs.